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Higher rental yields, better
terms, satisfied renters.

LivoSecure™ is the flexible upgrade to the first-come-first-serve practice. The LivoSecure™ platform maximizes rental yields by leveraging technology to allow renters to make offers in real-time based on rental amount, move-in date, and term of the lease.

LivoSecure™ targets rentals that are expected to receive more than one offer, and for other premium rentals - such as those with the best views, features, layouts, and locations. Due to its flexibility of use, LivoSecure™ is a particularly valuable tool in down markets as well, by allowing the market to dictate the price resulting in a quicker placement.

Innovative offering platform to maximize yields for rental owners and operators.

A technological leap
forward in renting.

The increased flexibility in the offering process leads to higher rental yields based on market demands and the prospective renter’s personal wants and needs. LivoSecure™ enables operators to earn higher yields, in a usually very low - margin rental transaction, without imposing new and unwelcomed fees on the renter.

LivoSecure is a contactless, rental process that allows the renter to complete the showing, application, screening, offer submission and lease execution, all online, on the LivoSecure™ platform.

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“The genius behind Livo is the ability to deliver transparency for the renter when searching for a new home, while not allowing the leasing professional to leave revenue on the table. This technology is unparalleled in the industry, and highly innovative.”  I see the Livo process to become a welcomed and standardized practice for renters moving forward.”

I believe your product will change the industry and provide property managers with a tool to serve their client’s needs. It is simple, value added, provides ROI for the property owner, and saves a ton of time for the property manager.  I can’t wait to recommend this product to all my coaching clients. 

Kathleen Richards,

Founder: The Property Management Coach
Owner: PM Made Easy

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